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Ripped body but Fat Face?


I'm currently 162 lbs., 5"-9' tall and extremely ripped.

But for some reason my face remains fat and rounded. It's as if all the remaining body fat are moved and permanently stored inside my cheeks and chin. This sucks. My face and the rest of my body are like plus and minus magnet sticked together. I want to lose the fat and start getting some serious cheek bone.

Is there any exercise or diet to achieve this?

Thanks in advance.


Do you like milkshakes?


Yeah it's called genetics


This might sound stupid, but try face exercises. Search on the net, there are a couple of sites.


take NO2, it makes you better looking


How old are you? Younger people tend to have more fat in their faces (round look). As you age your face tends to lean out. (This however might not be your problem.)


I would have to bet there's more fat on your body than you realize. Sleep with your face between your wife's butt cheeks. This is an ancient Chinese face flattening technique.


i had the same problem but i cured it by shaking my head around violenlty for at least 30 minutes a day while getting punched in the face by the local meathead at my gym. That should help you out


Hey, there, OMG. Welcome to the forum.

Just an FYI thing, but if all else fails, there is a fairly simple procedure a plastic surgeon can do to remove what is called buccal fat. That's the fat in your cheeks. It's what gives the models' faces that sunken-in look.

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask. And enjoy the forum. The guys are just ribbing you a bit.


why are you worried?

i think that very low bodyfat leads to a sickly look in the face (and and aged look). you may have the best of both worlds if you can keep some fat in the face, while shredding the body fat.



Get a food allergy test done.
You may be allergic to a lot of the foods you eat.


What's your salt and sugar intake like? Maybe your holding water in your face. Inflammation a problem?? Take more fish oils. Read the Wrinkle Cure book.


Thanks for the great inputs.

And it's nice to know that this forum has a good sense of humour, too lol :slight_smile:

My diet consists of high-protein milk, water, any beef meat, corn and bananas. Those are the only thing I eat every day. Snack is a big no no.

I'm 25 right now, so the cheek should have been shrinking by now. But it doesn't. Maybe I drink too much water...


I have the same problem. I hate my friends who have chisled faces with a spare tire around their belly. I'll have veins popping out of my shoulders and still have a pudgy face. It sucks.

On the other hand, I've found some pockets of fat that are also hold-outs and realized that although I have flat (not ripped) abs and I'm quite vascular in my arms and shoulders, and a little vascular in my chest and legs, I still have a chunk of fat in my lower back that I've got to get rid of. As that fat slowly melts off, my face also gets harder. I'm still not there yet, but I'm on a mission to get at these last two reserves. Given how much is in my lower back, I'm thinking I might actually lose my face first. So I just have some work to do.

Maybe you've got a pocket of stubborn fat that shows you that you're not quite done cutting yet too!


By the way, you need to replace that corn with green vegetables and only have the bannana post work-out (if at all). Corn is a starchy carb like bread and doesn't have the same nutrient profile as broccoli or spinach.