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Ripped and PCT Cycle

I’m new to all this and only have used OTC supplements.

First off, I want to pack on as much muscle and lose as much bodyfat as possible. What are some of things I should take and their doseages?

Also, what should I take as PCT and doseage?

You need to do some of your own research.

Besides that, it is all in the diet.

Have you tried carb cycling?

This is a good approach to putting on muscle with minimal fat gain. Some can even manage to loose bodyfat while adding lean mass.

There is alot of info floating around on the net. If you put some time in you should find what you are looking for.

Get your diet and training in check first.

Feel free to post your nutritional and training progams on this site so others can critique and give feedback.

I’ve done a diet similar to Christian Thibaudeau’s Refined Physique Transformation and was very satisfied with the amount of fat I lost. Since I was working out regularly during the diet, I also managed to put on a bit of muscle.