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Ripped 101


So i thought this would be a good thread to combine everyone's collective knowledge of the techniques they have used to get and a place to help other's get there.

I'm not talking about contest prep, v-diet or photo shoot ready, I'm talking LEAN. Walking around lean without living the life of a non social Tupperware carrying crazy person.

living lean, and how to get there!

Sooooooo what ya got?


Eat clean, train hard, add in some type of cardio, make progress...the less complicated you make this, the more you will enjoy the lifestyle.


Good basic advice i guess, the more detail the better maybe?


You've been here for two years, why are you still making threads like some newbie that just walked in the door?


Ye i understand, thats why i said a thread to collect everyone's knowledge.


No, what you are saying is: "spoon feed me."

If you want discussion on a subject you need to put something more specific in the OP. If you want to make a "dieting advice on T-Nation" overview thread, I would at least expect you to link to some of what YOU think are good threads on the subject. Know what I'm saying here?


Ye i know what your saying, and i'm not asking for spoon feeding, i am well aware of the search function and i'm also well aware of how to diet.

I am not here to tell people how to do it, or get told how to it. I want know what worked for others and the approaches that people have taken.




Maybe that sentence sums it all up....