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Ripe TV


Has anybody heard of this? I just went to Time Warners VOD or “OnDemand” and I found this on the cutting edge portion. Apparently its a new channel and its really…well,intresting. It looks like Spike TV but more “Fresh” There a “Combat Channel” which is my favorite,It shows nothing but MMA matches. Theres a “Stuff 4 dudes” which shows busty girls and models doing Fitness and Yoga exercises. These 2 reasons alone should get everybody on the T-Nation intrested. But if thats not enough they have “Anination” which showcase some pretty funny Cartoons. “Hollywood Burn” which goes in-dept of Celebrities feuds and whatever. (Personally im not a fan of that,Celebrities suck)and “10 and Single” which is profiles models that are 10s and…well…Single. There so much more but im to lazy to write about it. Check it out and let see some feedback. I think this is gonna be my new favorite channel.

Thanks slick. Watching it right now!