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RipDlax's LOG

Ok so ive been saying i would make a log but never got around to it. Here it finally goes.

Its the offseason right for lacrosse and im working on bulking while i still can. I have already gained alot of muscle but have really gotten into lifting and now am very serious.

Weight 160-165
Height 5’9" 5’10"

Waist- 33 in
Chest 38.5 in
Arms at biggest point. 14.5in

Im on a 3 day split.

Monday- Chest and Tri’s
3x10-7-4 Bench Press
3x10-7-4 Crossovers
3x10-7-4 Tricep extensions with rope
3x10-7-4 Butterfly dumbell press flat/ reg
3x10-7-4 Incline Press
3x10-7-4 Dips
3x10-7-4 Shoulder Press

Tues- Rest

Wednesday- Back and Bi’s
3x10 Regular/Hammer curls
3x10-7-4 ez bar curls
3x10-7-4 sitting rows
3x10 incline isolation bicep curls
3x10 standing rows
3xfailure Pullups
3x10-7-4 reverse ez bar curls
Austrailiian pullups/ external rotator cuff rotation.

Thurs- REST

Friday- Legs
3x10-7-4 Back Squat
3x10-7-4 forward lunges
3x10-7-4 deadlifts
3x10-7-4 good mornings
3x10-7-4 those reverse crunches that work low back and hamstrings with 25lb weight
3x10-7-4 Forward Squat

Saturday -REST

I eat really clean. lots of protein and supplement 4G fish oil, whey protein every morning, syntha 6 at nights of lifting, and Surge post workout forumula after work outs. I also take 1 power pump 7 w/beta alanine before my workouts.

I dont like drinking anymore after having way too much one tme. dont smoke. Listen to lots of reggae music which destroys any stress.