RIP Training

So arthritis has been eating my alive for the last 2.5 years. I’ve still been able to train on a restricted basis throughout the whole shit but that’s all coming to an end now. It’s just getting too severe. My joints feel a little more damaged after every session. I shouldn’t even be doing it at all, but I’m compelled to anyway.

So I’m going to do a few more workouts over the next few months and then say goodbye to the gym forever. From then on I will only smoke pot and watch ultimate fighting. I also am planning to start a my own channel on YouTube where I will give political commentary, financial advice, answer training questions, and solve relationship issues while high.

I’m shooting a pilot episode right now in which I pull out a gravity bong right in the middle of an eloquent diatribe against labor unions. I was planing to deliver the rest of the speech while high, but instead I pretty much just rolled around on the ground laughing hysterically for about 5 minutes.

Then I turned on the song “Freaks of the Industry” by Digital Underground and started dancing with my pants around my ankles. Which leads us to where we are now, which is this thread. Previously I had made a rule against posting messages while high, but as you can see I have thoroughly failed to observe it. For all u haters… u just jealous cuz u ain’t high right now!


Dream big!

Every one has their goals, good luck.

I believe you belligerent.

More, I beleive IN you. Go get’em tiger.

Tradin’ in the barbells for a bong.

You gotta do what you must, man.
All the best to you.

Keep us posted as to where we can find you when you move onto the next phase of your life.

Last night was my one year anniversary since I quit smoking pot… I smoked pot to celebrate.

you suck labor unions rock

Got any leftover supps you’re willing to ship to me?

This thread has the potential to be a classic, now post the video you made as proof. Otherwise you don’t smoke pot, you train pain free, and you have a pet monkey that plays with your balls.


You’re lucky!! Good luck with that.

smoking weed in the snow at 8:00AM > whatever you guys are doing