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RIP Steve McNair



This is getting out of hand.


The first college football game I ever saw was when Alcorn State played Youngstown State in the 1994 playoffs. YSU destroyed them if I remember, which was good because that was the local team, but McNair threw for 500+ yards and I remember watching him in warm ups bombing the ball 70-80 yards to show off without much effort. It's one of my earliest memories about football.


Poor guy, could never stay healthy



I remember when people questioned his ability since he was coming our of Alcorn State, and he ended playing much better than guys coming from bigger schools. Just a sad story.


That sucks, I always like McNair. RIP.


Tough, tough SOB. Hell of a last couple of weeks.


Watching ESPN on this story right now. Damn shot multiple times...

RIP to the 3 time pro bowler, Steve...


I just saw him on that Spike tv show 'Pros vs. Joes" like last week. That's fucked up that he shot - and the girl too!


RIP Steve


why do famous people keep dying this week/year


Yeah it does suck, I am a diehard Titans fan and live in Nashville. I have met Steve on a few different occasions, he was one of the nicest guys that you will ever meet. But I never knew he was married and has been married to the same woman for many years. I used to see him out downtown drunk with tons of differnt chicks all of the time and you could tell he was banging them. i have never seen him with his wife. Not trying to preach but if you mess around like that it does catch up to you, most of the time not like this though. Regardless I am still a McNair fan forever and am praying for his family right now.


This was very unfortunate. In a league full of Ocho Cinco's, McNair was a classy player who always took the high groung on an issue. More players would be keen to accept his kind of on-field presence.


RIP Steve McNair.


There saying it looks like a Murder Suicide. They found the gun under the woman who had one gunshot wound to the head and he had multiple.


My sentiments exactly...still a fan regardless. The girl that was shot with him worked at a restaurant that him and his family frequented...correct me if I'm wrong.


I been getting a weird vibe that mike tyson will be next. I hope I'm wrong and that he lives 100 years but..... damn........idk....... just his lifestyle and attitude on life.


They didn't sell the white steve mcnair jersey when i was younger...so I bought a customized titan one with his name on it...

sadness indeed...dude was legendary for sure


No, actually he had been dating her for several months. he had told her that he was getting a divorce yet no papers were ever filed. Something is really shady about this whole deal. The concensus around Nashville is that her ex boyfriend had something to do with it. And also on his myspace page he had RIP to that girl on there before the police were called about the murder. They are going to give a press confrence this afternoon after the autopsys. Still very sad indeed..


damn that Madden Curse


Fishy,indeed. I was reading more about the story and authorities said that the woman indeed worked at Dave & Busters that McNair and his family frequented....it was confirmed by former co-workers and friends.

Authorities are also playing with the idea of murder suicide.......a "fatal attraction" situation....considering that he was promising her a divorce,etc.