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RIP Smokin Joe


Adios Smokin' Joe.

You were a straight up warrior, the real life Rocky who whipped an undefeated Muhammad Ali and had a left hook that could shake a building. A true class act, a great man, and a legendary blue-collar hero. Rest in peace brother. There will never be another like you.


Damn. How old was he? Think people kind of sleep on what Frazier did 'cause of the other more socially prominent fighters of era, which sucks 'cause he was no joke.


Dude, seriously, he's one of the greatest fighters of all time, and definitely one of the best heavyweights. The only two people he ever lost to were George Foreman and Muhammad Ali, and he beat Ali when he was undefeated and at his best.

Man was a legend. He does get shortchanged often, but he shouldn't, because he was awesome.

Best left hook in the history of the game.





He was a giant of boxing. Thanks for posting this Irish.

Thrilla in Manilla, long but worth the watch.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9


Robert A


IMO I don't believe Ali was at his best when he fought Frazier. It would have been different if he had not been banned from boxing for 2 or so years.

But Ali said it best "Without Joe Frazier, there's no Muhammad Ali"

I loved Frazier's movement.


RIP Joe. The original Philly fighter...



He stood as a giant among men. He was a legend and will be missed.


He wasn't at his best for that first fight, I agree, but hey, that's why they fight.

And the third fight, as Robert posted, is just so fucking legendary...


I have some special memories when it comes to Joe Frazier. My dad and I did not agree on too much when I was growing up but we were both huge fans of Joe so we watched every fight of his together bopping and weaving right along with him.

I fought cancer myself and fucking hate that I have lost so many people to it in the last few years. And now Joe, one of the very few men I consider an idol. My heart broke a little when I found out. May he rest in peace and may his family be granted the strength to move forward and remember only the good.


Oh, and thanks Robert for posting those videos.


They damn sure don't fight like that anymore. Now those were FIGHTS! THAT was boxing to me.


Remember when heavyweights used to fight like that? Instead of the lumbering, boring giants that bore you to death for 12 rounds now...


One of my all time favorites. The way he worked inside and just unloaded on people was just amazing.

The other thing that I always admired him for was being a man and just fighting. He really could have gotten into it with Ali when Ali called him every name in the book and instead just trained and acted like a man should. sportsmen like that especially in the boxing world are not to common anymore.


this ^

i'm happy so many T-Nationers acknowledge the greatness of Joe.


RIP Smokin Joe.
For Years I thought the man couldn't physically Back UP.
(On IPhone so sorry if this has already been posted, but never enough Joe Fraizer Highlights)


Hell yeah. Those days are long gone. Nobody goes for the kill anymore, and it's maddening. I hate to mention this, but that is just one of the reasons why so many folks are flocking to MMA. 90% of the time, you will get what you paid for. I have to admit, however, that even some of the greatest MMA fights ever pale in comparison to watching legends like Frazier and Ali go at it.


Whatever could you mean? The Klitschko brothers bring excitement to all one (heavythrower) of their fans.


Robert A


I think fighters and more rabid fight fans always gave Smokin' Joe his due. Where he is largely ignored is among the casual boxing "fans" and the general public who are only familiar with the myth that sprung up around Ali. If you sample people at random the "Ali" they describe really doesn't match up with what the man did or accomplished very well. Hell, I have had many people tell me Ali was a voice for equality, tolerance, and unity. That was Frazier.


Robert A


Frazier's left that broke Ali's jaw was the single greatest punch I have ever seen.