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RIP Shawn Rhoden

I have another theory which includes but is not limited to this.

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He had me going for a second and then suddenly it all blew up.


My mother did this. All the way to the grave.

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Well that was scientific. How many heart disease patients have you treated in the last 50 years?

Not much for self-awareness and/or irony, I see.

Not that many–a few as a med student, some number more as an intern. But admittedly, it’s been a minute.

To summarize your contentions:
Lipid hypothesis of CAD: Falsified on the basis of your research*
Covid19 mRNA vaccine: Not a vaccine; edits DNA
The pandemic: An intentional event resulting from a conspiracy, aka a “Plandemic”

*If by research you mean anything other than ‘searched the internet’–ie, if you’ve actually generated original info which was subsequently published in a peer-reviewed journal–please provide links to the publications.

@Chris_Colucci , apologies if this post is in the wrong place. I assume you’ll make adjustments as you see fit.


If you read carefully my earlier posts you will find that its a little more complex than Covid vaccines are directly causing deaths in bodybuilders.

Your going on about statistics, if your not using them to base your argument then its no more viable than mine or anyone else’s. It just an opinion or hypothesis, and not necessarily right , either.

Did you actually watch the entire video where Ron Harris suggested there might be a link to the deaths in bodybuilders?
Admittedly all this is anecdotal because its relatively recent.

What I have found after a little looking on the web is its not just bodybuilders suffering or dying in large numbers, from heart conditions. Apparently its otherwise healthy men and women from teenagers to say 40 year olds, especially serious amateur and professional sportsmen.
People that don’t necessarily use PED’s, (if they do its in quantities much less than pro bodybuilders).

These are people (say 15-40 especially) that don’t otherwise fit the profile of someone at risk of heart attack.

I had some links from youtube. One by a British commentator Alex Bellfield who reported on a 25% increase in heart attacks this year in Scotland. Its been removed, no doubt because it referenced a possible link to Covid vaccinations. Youtube ruthlessly censors anything not following their narrative.

I will look into whether it is available on a non YT video site.

Huge Increase In Teens Having Heart Attacks Is Blamed On Weed (bitchute.com)

Another One Bites the Ice - Vox Popoli (voxday.net)

What Is Going On Is A Bio Weapon Heart Stopper (bitchute.com)

60x’s Number of Heart Attacks for Young & Professional Athletes (bitchute.com)

Like I said, Its too soon for anyone to have published accurate statistics, it certainly does look like the trend is an alarming increase in heart attacks in otherwise healthy individuals.

Sorry, what’s my argument?

I think the problem here is that you want to be able to muse about things and ask questions based on a sloppy foundation, and when someone puts question to that you throw your arms up in the air and attempt to turn the same line of questioning back on that person.

The problem is, I haven’t made any claims here. You have - I’m just holding you accountable for your particular line of questioning.

Let’s pop through your “sources”.

Ah - bitchute.com - youtube for alt-righters - the first video linked a story about a reporter dying from “Pfizer poison” and the lone comment on the video was somebody saying “R.I.P. Dumb Cunt”.

And then Vox Day’s website - who is an extreme right-wing activist.

So, 3 videos from the same right wing website, and 1 link from a right winger’s blog.

If I posted CNN links as proof of mine - all of which would be far less extreme than what you’ve just posted, but would still be unsuitable to prove statistics I’d been touting, you’d laugh at me, no?

Anyways, this has obviously gone the PWI route, and since this was your 4-day response to me asking you to back up statistics and claims, I think I’ll just moonwalk out of here now.


Dude this started from a response to a Ron Harris video, who mentioned there might be relationship between the covid vaccines and increased deaths.
All I said was myocarditis, and blood clots from a covid vaccine would increase risk of death even more in bodybuilders juiced to the gills, and with an already a high risk of death.
Until I saw that video I hadn’t even thought there might be a possible link, to either covid or the vaccines, with recent bodybuilder deaths.

Do I think their might be something to it, maybe? Some unusual things have been happening this last year.

Sources… the source isn’t Bitchute. Bitchute is just the platform and its not right wing , its pro free speech. They are all different sources and opinions.
Bitchute allows right wing and left wing, views, even they censor some things in some countries. Youtube has not been free speech for a long time, but it did start off that way. It openly censors anyone who even mentions something that questions their agenda/narrative, and not just on Covid.
YT might not be right wing, its left wing and it is authoritarian, and dictatorial, undemocratic.

You’re criticising the people making the statements, as is your right and choice. I may even agree with some of the criticism, most do seem more right wing than left. What you aren’t doing is looking at what they are saying. You seem to be throwing the baby out with the bathwater, rather than sifting the wheat from the chaff.’

What is untruthful about what these individuals are saying? Just because you don’t like someone"s background it doesn’t mean they are lying(doesn’t necessarily mean they are right either).
I’m doubting whether you actually even watched all the videos anyway, and just dismissed them outright. I’m guessing most of the other commenters won’t watch them either, but will still happily to give their opinions. Did you even watch the entire first video by Ron Harris?

None of my stuff posted claims to be anything more than anecdotal, nor could it be anything otherwise at the moment. I’ve never claimed anything as statistical proof myself. Nothing you have said or posted has any statistical validity either.

I happen to have been busy the last week(and still am at the moment) and haven’t been able to devote as much time as I might normally do otherwise, to a random internet discussion. Life, work happen to be more of a priority, funny that. My entire life doesn’t revolve around this or any other internet forum. so its not just you in particular that I haven’t talked to. Nothing personal.

You have a different perspective than me, I can happily live with that.

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I didn’t make any claims that needed to be backed up with statistics. You did.

These are claims that, should someone ask for statistics to back these up - like I did - you would expect someone to produce something other than bitchute videos. Thank goodness that bitchute is completely bipartisan and non-prejudiced, and youtube is an authoritarian, dictatorial, undemocratic platform for left wingers.

Like I said - you can’t keep turning the questions around towards me when I’m the one questioning you, and I honestly have not made one explicit claim this entire thread. I haven’t said “no fewer bodybuilders have died”, I haven’t said “the vaccine doesn’t cause heart problems”, I haven’t said anything of the sort. You’re projecting this on to me.

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Can you even understand how you sound? Like a child! I can’t question you whilst you are questioning me? Well I can and I did. This is a discussion, whether you like it you have no power to conduct an inquisition, nor the need to.

I’ve said my piece, if you don’t like it tough fuckin titties.

What claims of mine are you questioning?

I wonder what children you’ve talked to recently to give you the impression that you’re acting like an adult here.

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I believe there is a teapot orbiting the earth and am prepared to post links from people who also believe this in support of my case.

I’ve said my piece, and if you don’t like it, tough titties.


What if I do like it? :laughing:

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Probably one on the international space station. If you change to around the sun, you have full belief from me.

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Shockingly, I don’t believe anyone showed up to this conversation to have their minds changed


I showed up to the thread to talk about Shawn Rhoden.


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Chris you deserve a pay rise.

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