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RIP Sean Connery

Lived a great life.


That sucks. His “Ministry of Funny Walks” skit was a masterpiece.

One of us is confused. What did he have to do with Monty Python? Are you confusing him with John Cleese?


Might have your actors confused there, also it was “Silly Walks”! Hopefully John hangs on for a while longer, couldn’t handle him going too.


“Shilly Walksh” would have been accurate.



Holy shit, I lol’d way too loud and got scolded by my wife for it (kids are asleep)

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Haha got it from an interview with the guy who voices Apu in The Simpsons. He said Mr Connery always pronounced “s” with an added “h” because of his first name.

I mean, the running joke with Sean Connery is always that he pronounces things with sh-, but the Ministry of Shilly Walksh is a new one. Didn’t think you were the first to do the SC accent, but you get major kudos for connecting the dots here :+1:

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I read every word about Sean Connery with the “sh” autoadded in mentally for some reason lol.

Perhaps that’s the high praise for him on my part for being such a unique and iconic actor.


He was one of the first actors I ever remember knowing by name and “liking.”

Last Crusade, Hunt for Red October and Rising Sun were coming out or hitting cable just as I was old enough to watch them or follow the plots and they were all awesome. Last Crusade is still one of my favorite movies.


He was really good in The Holy Grail too. That rabbit thing was hilarious.


One of my favorite actors. And the best Bond.

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Flipping the guy off the ship via his nuts who then explodes is one of the greatest movie moments ever (at about the 60s mark)


By the way, he did some bodybuilding back in the day. Surprised nobody mentioned that on here!

Also, he turned down a contract to play for Man U way back when.

Helluva guy.

Did you read the BBC write-up? Claimed he went to Mr.Universe in 1953.

He did. Was a hell of a fighter, too. There was a story circulating how he was jumped by a street gang in an attempt to steal his jacket. Allegedly he took them all on and won. Not sure of the truth to it but I don’t care, I’m gonna believe it.

Yeah total legend.

Just because…


He decided that it was too vain later in life so he probably wasn’t a lurker around here.

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