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RIP Pete Stave .

Very sad news to report: PeteS passed away today. Pete was a very active member on the O35 forum from 2009-2015. He left behind one grown son and two young sons. He was a strong man with a big heart.

Sorry to hear this. Our condolences, may he rest in peace.

@PeteS R.I.P BIG MAN!!!

I definitely recognize that avatar of his. Very sorry to hear. Condolences to his family and friends.

I know a lot of the O35 crowd is pretty close. It’s always sad when “real life” gets into the forum like this.


He had a heart attack yesterday morning. I believe he was only 45.

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God bless him and his family. I recall his posts very much.

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We need a dis-like feature. :frowning:

RIP Pete. You big bastard. Will see you on the platform again one day.

You should be able to re-click it and it’ll disappear.

Oh man, that’s a dam shame. Thanks for the vid link too; Big man, Big heart for sure.


Just saw this sad news. RIP, Mr. Pete.

I know you’re probably chillin’ with your buddy from the avatar.

What sad news. Far, far too young.

I can’t claim to have known him (we’d occasionally post on each other’s logs) but bizarrely I think of him quite often, every time I chalk between my fingers on deadlifts because he gave me that advice when I was struggling with grip issues.

Thanks for the pearls of wisdom Pete.

How did I miss this post?

My puck rock loving brother in Black T-shirt anger
I am sorry to have not known. Im diapointed that I did not reach out to you
until recently. I went to text PeteS - recently and got a very sad reply.

Im glad for the few conversations we had- and for the few times we met.

I went and rechecked my phone- we had texted late in November 2016.
I had met Pete in person - when I did an MLB all star game in 2014- in Minneapolis we didnt get to train - but we did get to hang out a bit.
and Pete even picked me up at the airport- as he was flying home himself.

we texted a bunch -
talked about all that good stuff-
surgeries- we both had - PT , divorce he was going thru - what raising boys
meant, music , getting old - working hard as F , living hard as F.
not just training- although he helped me there a bunch.

I feel negligent in not knowing about this- nor reaching out between now and then

RIP Big Pete S.