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You were a great dog and a an even better friend.


Sorry to hear, HT.

Will you be posting the full story in the "The Last Time You Cried" thread?


no. no story. thanks though.


My condolences there is nothing like the unconditional love of a dog...


Sorry to hear that man, it always sucks when you lose your little buddy.


Sorry Mike, I know how how much you loved that dog.


That sucks Mike. I hope everything else is well as can be.



So true. Sorry about your loss.



thanks guys.


Is this the dog when u blew out your tri? Sorry about the dog, unconditional love. God bless my friend.


Hey HT!!! Big Barry told me about your dog. I'm sorry my friend. Stay well


HT sorry to hear about your bear moving on.



I know one thing -that dog lived a great life. No greater testimony than that.


Used this quote before, "You know you've made it to heaven when all the dogs you've ever loved come running to greet you." Dogs are pure. Sorry Mike.


^^^ that's an awesome quote. Sorry to hear about your loss man.