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RIP Nick Winters



He will be missed.


Yeah, very sad for those of us who had spoken with him from time to time. We got a thread over at Iron Trybe about him. From what I've read, some of the trybers had talked to him that night and he posted on his face book page "Go Colts" at 10pm that night.Must have passed in his sleep or something. IDK


Just saw this on powerliftingwatch and its a damn shame. I thought he was gonna be the one to break the raw bench record :confused:


May he Rest In Peace



Very curious on what caused his death...


R.I.P. Nick Winters.


may he find peace in eternity.


He was a friend of a friend and will be missed.

Here is Nick's obituary.



May you rest in peace Nick.

I've never met him but for some reason this feels as though its hit very close to home; 29 is much too young.


^ I agree. Exactly my case as well.


i saw nick lift in a meet when he was 19 or 20....all the top lifters were wearing thier bench shirts of course...Nick sat there in a t-shirt and shorts...when it was his turn he simply walked to the bench hit about 50 more pounds than anyone there and sat back down...it was quite amazing and he was one of the nicest people i have ever met in the sport.