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Rip My Squat Apart

I am having hip tightness after long squat sessions. This set is after I completed all of my working set and I was pretty tired and I figured this would be the ebst time to see what I suck at. This is 345lbs and is about 75% of my 1RPM.

You’re cutting it high. I broke my hip and tore my hip flexor last year so I might be able to help. Foam rolling my IT band, stretching my groin, slow lunges to stretch, using a baseball to roll my ass, and kneeling down on one knee and lunging forward to stretch my groin/hip took me from a high 205 to a legit depth 245.

Now I know that sucks so take my advice with a grain of salt, but that helped me.

I used to get hip bursitis. I think it was from solely back squatting. I added front squats and clean grip lunges to balance things out. I also added barbell hip thrust. So far I haven’t had any hip pain. I also agree with Drake37 about stretching.

Maybe try bringing your feet in by 1" on each side to hit depth. You should be right about there.

i have only been training for like 9 months so (obviously) don’t take this as pure fact.

it seems you might not actually be using your hips/ass and it just sort of trails behind once you have to extend your hip after a certain height anyway. i had the same problem til i conciously focused on tensing my glutes and thrusting the hips forward. also maybe do some third world squats post-workout.

i hope someone can second this.

I have been trying to get really loose, and I am having trouble getting the knots out of my lower back and my hips are not very flexible. I have added standing and seated good mornings into my training as well. I appreciates everyones advice, I will try getting more flexible and loosen these fat kid hips up a little more.

Drake-the baseball will getting used to! That hurts! thank you for the right direction on extra stretch work.

Your thoracic spine is caving and you’re not keeping your knees pushed out.

Brother, you don’t get used to the baseball haha, but the 30 seconds of pain is worth it.

Hey man, very nice squats, I really like your form, your pelvis isn’t rounding at all, you stay nice and upright, your knees go forward very well, ie flexible ankles and is another reason why you’re staying so upright. Also, your knees aren’t caving and your thoracic spine is just fine. Overall you aren’t giving your back up anywhere. Bar position is good, and overall execution of the lift is good.

The first thing I noticed was your arms, they’re pointing too far back and up, though as your actually perform the squat they go more normal. Think shoulder blades together elbows down. It’s not a huge thing, and I only got to see 2 reps, but pointing your elbows back like that can sometimes lead to a faceplant.

The next thing, and this is really your only problem, is the width of your stance. You don’t have the longest legs to begin with, so going wide is going to be a total nightmare on the hips. Bring it in to shoulder width, and let go of your old numbers. I had to do the exact same thing and my squat fell 75 lbs, but in no time at all it was back to normal.

Your depth is definitely not bad, but is semi questionable, especially on the 2nd rep, I think after your bring your stance in you’ll find you can get below parallel with ease, resist the urge to cut it and very quickly getting them below parallel will be nothing for you.

I also noticed you said you have knots in your low back, that’s 100% from the tight hips.

Also, I noticed you added in good mornings, they’e good, but please keep in mind they’re assistance and not a main movement. If you’re in the gym for 60 mins, 10 mins should be warm up focusing on the shoulders, hips and ankles, 40 mins on the squat, 7 mins good mornings, 3 minutes abs. Thats just an example, but I hope it helps to see what I’m talking about.

Best of luck man, I see 500 in the very near future.