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RIP Mr Olympia 1982, Chris Dickerson

Sadly Chris Dickerson, Mr Olympia 1982 passed away. He was 82. RIP Chris.

Here’s a good video by Nick Strength and Power, for those that don’t know much about Chris. RIP Chris Dickerson 1982 Mr. Olympia - YouTube

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Sad to hear another legend is gone, R.I.P.

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Never liked the liked the look of his physique and didn’t think he deserved the 82 Olympia win, but RIP and prayers to his family.


No one really stood out as a clear winner to me in 1982.
Zane and Bannout had better lines. I don’t know who should have got the title, but from what I’ve seen I wouldn’t have given it to Chris. He had some healed tendon ruptures that were not corrected with surgery, that didn’t help his overall look.

Rest In Peace champion :trophy: