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RIP Mr Furley


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Don Knotts was awesome. He did a string of movies with Tim Conway. "The Private Eyes", the Sherlock Holmes spoof, is absolutely my favorite.

Whenever I hear the name 'Don Knotts', I think of Dana Gould's routine, where he talks about prank phone calls.

::in a Don Knotts voice:: "I've been looking at you through the bedroom window."

"Is this Don Knotts?!?"

::Don Knotts voice:: "Everytime, they know it's me. They know it's me everytime."


He was a funny man, a generous actor, and...and...and he was a REALLY funny man.

Requiscat In Pace


Great actor, great comedian and all around wonderful person.


Barney Fife was one of the greatest characters ever.

Don Knotts had some good roles, but he will always be Barney to me.




If you think about it The "Barny Fife" character might just be the most memorable in the history of television.

Don Knotts brought much happiness and laughter to many people in his 81 years.


I agree. Barney Fife was great. RIP Don.


May he RIP and his comedic genious live on.

I will miss him for sure.


"There once was a deputy named Fife.
He carried a gun and a knife.
His gun was all dusty
And his knife was all rusty.
Cause he never caught a crook in his life!"

I still laugh when I remember how Andy only let him have one bullet, and made him carry it in his pocket. Once when he took it out, it had mold on it.