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RIP Mike DeStefano, Comedian


Mike DeStefano (44) comedian who finished among the top five finalists last season on NBC's Last Comic Standing. DeStefano died of a massive heart attack just days before he was scheduled to perform his one-man show, A Cherry Tree in the Bronx, in New York City on March 6, 2011.


If I remember correctly, that guy was pretty funny. Shitty deal. At work, so there's just a big white box.

On a side note. I'm beginning to think Iron Dwarf is the angel of death. He seems to get these RIP threads up quite quickly.


Well, being a dwarf, I'm closer to the ground. So I always hear the vibrations of burial before anyone else.



He's the Tiny Reaper. The Dwarf of Death. Midgeto de Muerto.




Oh shit that is two this week. Who is next.........maybe the guy who is WINNING?


Dang thats hella young!


Mike DeStefano, age 44
Mike Starr, age 44
How old is Charlie Sheen?


With tiger blood and Adonis DNA, he doesn't die, he just hides.




Winning-ty seven.


"You're just a blowjob that got outta hand."

That's hilarious. That dude was funny, even on network TV working 100% clean. A shame.


Hey guys... watch this and try not to well up.


That was gutting ID, I was veclemped when he said the bag was flapping in the wind lol. Sad and funny...

The social workers explanation was very interesting as well.


Guy had a tough life IIRC. Comedy got him away from alcohol and drugs.

44 is far too young.