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RIP Matt Porter

Bodybuilder/prep coach Matt Porter has passed at the age of 34. The passing of this fairly well known figure in the fitness industry is tragic and upsetting for fans, family and friends of Matt Porter alike (with family taking the brunt of the grief)

I’m surprised a topic wasn’t made on this previously. I’m sure many will disrespect this individual’s death by adding unessecary steroid comments, thus I will get this out of the way so no-one has to bring this up

Steroids likely played a large role in the death of Matt Porter, as did genetics. It was well known this Matt Porter used performance enhancing drugs, and sometimes in large quantities (admitted to using 150mg tren ace/day at one point, used clen, gh, AAS etc), so yes, heavy abuse of anabolics, a familial history of heart disease, uncontrolled high BP and more were potentially the cause of death.

A mass of Mr Porters lung was found prior to his death, the results of a CT scan (checking out lung abnormality) have not been released to the public, and may never be.

This isn’t an appropriate time or place to disrespect the dead with comments about PED’s, this is a tribute to Matt Porter, may he rest in peace. I send my sympathies to his family/friends for the devastating loss of this individual

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No idea who this guy is. But 34 is a shocking age to pass.
Irrespective of anything else (cause it not really important) I feel for those that knew him.

Yeah, I’ve been watching the info come out on social media, lots of “friends” (online) of mine seem to have actually known the guy, and the details just make it sound awful.

I wasn’t sure if this was the place to post or comment on it, as things can take a disrespectful turn.

I didn’t know him, but it’s always a shame when anyone goes so early.


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I knew him and his wife, even given the circumstances very surprising this happened especially at a young age. The last recorded video of him a few days prior which is on JayCulterTV is a little ironic considering this happened. Something to check out for anyone interested in the sport which I would have still said prior to his passing, had some recent training videos on there too.