RIP Marc

Though Marc was not my best friend, we played football 3 years together and at a certain point after college became very close.

He died 2 weeks ago and I went to his funeral 1 week ago.

He was 31.

I hadn’t seen him in almost 9 years because I cut him and another mutual friend (Ric) off after they left me drunk in the street…well I don’t want to talk about bad things.

It sucked being at his funeral, watching his brother especially, and his Dad, who had been strong all morning, wailing at his coffin in the cemetery.

He was larger than life, a real character, and I wish he and Ric hadn’t f’n done what they did or else we would have had a damn good time together these last 9 years.
He was a wild guy, hilarious, and I still say some of the phrases he came up with. Hell, at the wake, we all started remembering things he came up with.

Maybe I should have confronted them 9 yrs ago, but I didn’t. Partly because after that night, Marc only called once and that was it. He avoided me at the 5 yr reunion. Ric never called at all.

Its funny, you figure out people aren’t dependable only after they hurt you. You suspect they are, but you never really know.

Ric and Marc were best friends and lived together for 7 years. I found out at the funeral that the reason Marc moved out 2 yrs ago was when Ric hooked up with Marc’s ex, an ex he never really got over.

Ric, as his best friend, knew how much she meant to him and still did what he did.

And Ric showed up late to the funeral. (Though he was giving a ride to 3 other people, so maybe they held him up).
And Ric did a lot of drugs, which is probably how Marc got introduced to it.

Though Marc was an adult and could have chosen not to do them of course.

I’m not sure now whether my beef was mostly with Ric, Ric was always the lazier more undependable one while Marc was extremely generous and warm when he liked you. Still, I don’t regret what I did by eliminating them from my life.

Marc died of a heart attack.

He was a heavy drinker, apparently was doing lots of coke, and had gotten really fat. Apparently his weight at one point got up to 340 but I doubt that. He looked about 280-290ish in the last pics I saw of him alive. (He never lifted, and had no muscle tone, so it would be damn hard to get up to 340, even tho he was 6’3.)

He never ever exercised, he never liked it or did it. He always joked around in the weight room and pretended to lift.

He was a 2 yr starter at DT and had multiple Div I-AA offers.

He had the size and natural ability.

But he never ran or did anything athletic outside of practice and always ate a lot of crap. Once in a while he did some ridiculous Slim Fast sh*t diet, that was the extent of his health regimen.

I guess that’s the main reason why he died so young.

Not sure why I threw this up here, it started out as a PM to fightin Irish.

Goodbye Marc, I miss you and wish things could have been different.

I’m sorry Sonny. I’ve seen a few take that path myself, and I’m sure I’ll see more. It’s good to hear that you know you did the right thing. Stay strong bro.

Sorry about ur loss

Thanks, I appreciate it.

There’s nothing more damaging–or more useless–than regret. You took different paths; be glad you chose wisely. Stay strong.

I agree with you 100%. And I don’t have regrets in this situation. I wish things could have turned out differently but I know I did the right thing.

Sonny, sorry about your loss. You are smart in sharing your pain with others. Keeping talking about it…

Take care my friend,



Sorry to hear about your losing your friend.

Sorry to hear, man.

Losing someone in your life, regardless of how well or how long you knew them, sucks.

(For the record, my father is 340 and 6ft and has never lifted a day in his life. It’s possible.)

mate sorry about your loss. marc will be in be my prayres. I’/ve lost a mate to alcohlism. i hope i wont go the same way. In my heart mate.

jack UK