RIP Malcolm Young

Malcom shuffled his mortal coil today😢

I was fortunate enough to see them live a few years ago…

Will be blasting this in the car today

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RIP, thanks for the good times.

Must have fuelled a billion workouts and drinking sessions around the globe


An absolute tragedy. Malcolm was the best damn rhythm guitarist in rock history.

One of my favorite and most enduring memories was getting to see AC/DC live. It took me a whole week to recover from the hearing loss! Still the loudest concert I’ve ever been to, even over the metal bands I love. There was a 70 year old guy about 4 rows in front of me that looked like Zephram Cochrane from the Star Trek movie (forget which one)–he had an American flag bandana amd two hot chicks on his arm and was singing every damn word to every song the entire show lol. I want to be that guy when I get old…

Fucking amazing show and they play their guts out.

This sucks! All the legends are dying

What?!! Aww man… that just sucks.


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I ran across that page ages ago and remember reading the whole thing, but I was never able to find it ever again!

Thank you for finding it again for me!!