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RIP Leslie Nielsen



He died today. Don't know a lot of his work, but Airplane and The Naked Gun's are classics, and should be watched by everyone.




he was my favorite vanilla face


RIP Lt. Drebin. Laughed for countless hours at all his classic stuff (except Scary Movie III, but everyone is allowed a mulligan).


Saskatchewan's finest export. RIP


Aww he was awesome in Dracula: Dead and Loving It.



YES!!! One of my all-time favorite comedies.


If I find out this is a hoax I will hunt you down and gut you.


I remember watching The Naked Gun at a sleepover with my buddies in like 8th grade. I laughed so hard I puked a little...



Canadian and Comedian are near each other in the dictionary for a good reason.

He was a funny guy.


Why because the only funny thing that comes from Canada, is in fact being Canadian?


Oh, shame - he was a good comedian.


I just recently introduced my 13-year-old son to Airplane! Now he can't stop quoting it.

Nielsen could deadpan with the best of them. For anyone that likes his stuff and hasn't seen Police Squad, they should definitely check it out.


Oh Wow,.. I really grew up with those films... I first saw Airplane at a friends house (on a VHS copy) when I was a kid, and along with those Naked Gun films, were defining pieces of comedy (stylistically ripped off again and again).

He left behind a hell of a career.



Bummer. The Naked Gun movies were favorites of mine. RIP.


Um, I provisionally answer, "yes".


RIP Leslie.

This was her best role.



RIP, Leslie.

@Iron Dwarf
You and your sneaky 'lol's at the end of all those posts you've recently made.
You've been on drugs for too long, dude.
Find your inner paradox, conquer it, embrace it.
If all else fails, go stimulate your wife in the wee hours.



Surely, you can't be serious!