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RIP John McAleese SAS


The definition of a T-man



Different level, RIP


A true hero. Read his obituary in the Times today. He was only in his early 60's. It seems he never fully recovered from the death of his son in Afghanistan. RIP.


John Mac was the real deal.

Would anyone fuck with a guy rocking that level of moustache?


"Move yerr fuckin hedd Maggie"...


I've seen him in a few military shows over the years. I believe he was also involved in holding a fort in Africa in the seventies, some shitty little country that has changed names who knows how many times since then. Great story of courage to say the least. I will never forget his words when the enemy were in his crosshairs. " so then we opened up on them...with relish lol.

The SAS survival handbook never leaves the back of my crapper :slight_smile: