Rip It Apart: Diet and Training Critique

32 male…~180 LBS 5’9" 15-20%BF almost all midsection.


I’m trying to shed some BF and at worst maintain some muscle. Hope to put on some lean muscle and maintain strength.


Mon-Wed-Fri = 5PM Full body workouts modeled after the book Get Huge in a Hurry. Also I usually play 2-3 games of racquetball for about an hr after lifting. I’m planning on continuing this.

Tues-Thurs = empty stomach 6AM cardio when possible. Mainly some HIIT. If not morning then same time as lifting.


My diet I had been working on before I saw the Velocity Diet 3.0 come out. which uses protein shakes w/ casein heavily. I am thinking about doing a 2 week on/off rotation of Clen for 2 and then T3 for 2. Also not shown is the fish and flax oil supps.

I attached an image of my diet plan, but here is the summary and numbers I’m planning on being close to on a daily basis.

Calories= 2006
Protein= 264 52.6%
Carbs= 95 18.9%
–Sugars= 56 of which 19 are PWO
–Fiber= 17 (78 net carbs)
Fat= 58 25.9%

What do I need to tweak or change? Or is it garbage???