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RIP GInger

In a light rain and amid tears in my eyes, I literally just buried our beloved little miniature pinscher Ginger in our backyard 20 minutes ago.

She was 15 years old. She had surgery 3 weeks ago to remove a ruptured eye, and although she survived the surgery and her eye healed nicely, she never recovered fully, threw up all the time, wouldn’t eat, and stopped drinking yesterday. She was so weak and thin, and shivered constantly. Sometimes she’d wander around the house in a daze. We knew it was time for her to go.

The vet came out to our house and euthanized Ginger while my wife held her.

I thought I was ready for this. I didn’t know how hard it would hit me to see her go.

Thanks for everything little Ginger. You were the best! You were family!

Well I bet she felt very fortunate to get 15 good years with ya.

I am very sorry to hear this ID, just keep in mind that you gave her the best life possible.

Man thats tough.

Sorry to hear, ID. I bet it was a good 15 years.

(((((((((internet hugz for our Dwarfie))))))))))))))))

sorry for your loss, my good freind.

that sucks man, last month I became a dog owner for the first time, and already I’d be gutted if something happened to her. Can’t imagine how it would feel after 15 years.

my condolences.

Really sorry to hear, ID.

I remember you mentioning your two girls when we lost our Jackie last March.

Not that it helps much, but my mom sent me this video when we lost our pup. I thought it was… sweet.

All the best.

Sorry ID … It’s tough losing a pet

My deepest condolences ID. I know how it is to lose a pet, whose really a member of the family. It’s no consolation, but it sounds like you gave her a wonderful life, and I’m sure she knew that. When you’re able to, honor her memory by giving another one a good home.

Deeply sorry for you and your wife’s loss.
Ginger was blessed to have had you as family. And you were blessed to have her.

Very sorry to hear this Iron Dwarf. Losing a pet is one of the worst things, even if they’ve had a long and great life.

I need to post this again, it’s THAT good…


My condolences, ID

Sorry to hear, ID.

Losing a pet is like losing a best friend. :frowning:

Remember the good times.

Very sorry man.

Totally came in to this thread thinking this kid

or something other half-famous, soulless ginger passed away.

15 years with a loving family is more than many humans get. She was fortunate to have your family.

ID -

my name cyruseven - it’s based on my ol’ shepherd, cyrus…he lived to be 13. he was w/ me from 23 to age 36…he’s been gone a couple of years, i think of him daily still.

sorry for your loss, you were blessed though. hold onto the good memories, not the loss. it takes time.

i’m not on here much these days but saw your thread and thought i’d pay my respect.

Deepest sympathies brother…there is nothing like a dogs love.

Nothing will ever replace that special spot Ginger occupied in your life, and in your heart. Just know that you did the best thing you possibly could for her. That’s what we would want any true friend to do for us.

When I had to put my first dog down a few years back, it was the hardest thing I ever did, but the Vet commented to me on his age (couple months shy of 14): “These guys don’t usually live this long, You did a real good job with him.” Know that you gave your little buddy the best life that you possibly could.

So sorry for your loss brother.