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RIP G S Heron


Fucking gutted.

No one, in my opinion, told it like you did. Not a single fuckin person on this planet. Though you had your troubles you always rose up and gave the world more prose and music. Peace go with you brother. =(



I planned on seeing him live soon. Missed his show in Philly earlier in the year and swore I'd catch him before I died.

Damn. RIP GS heron.



Aye, totally gutted man. Making this a GSH day in the home. Tried to catch him over the last decade when he did tour but every Glasgow concert he planned ended up cancelled for some reason or another. Well except for last years, which I missed. ><


I wonder what he "picked up" in Europe that made him sick to death?
He was only 62 or so.


My guess is pneumonia or something? Impossible to say really but he wasn't the greatest picture of health. That body has been through alot I'm sure. =/