RIP Frank Hillebrand

"Posted on February 20, 2011 by Matei Iurea

Frank Hillebrand, a famous bodybuilder who used to compete in the early nineties has just died, 3 hours ago during his workout, at Gold’s Gym.

Frank Hillebrand died because of a heart attack. What can be the cause of this? People have already started talking shit about drugs usage and so on, like there was any proven link between anabolic steroids and heart attacks. But this ain’t going to be a steroid related article.

Today, 20.02.2011, we lost a bodybuilder, but God has gained a soldier, therefore the whole thing maybe be fair, from some point of view.

From what we know at this point, doctors have tried to resuscitate Frank with shocks, and andrenalyne shots. Though, their efforts were useless and therefore, Frank Hillebrand died at the age of 45. Too young, isn’t it?

As for Frank, he hasn’t competed since 1993, when he placed 7th at the San Jose Pro Invitational."

It happens. Steroids or not some folks who have a shitty genetic roll of the dice can croak from a MI way earlier than you’d expect.

Wow. Only 2 responses, and one of them not even pertaining to Frank?

Must be a bunch of youngsters… don’t remember how great Frank was.

I remember him. Very symmetrical physique - nice lines. Really sad. 45…WTF!?


[quote]SkyNett wrote:
I remember him. Very symmetrical physique - nice lines. Really sad. 45…WTF!?



He had great quads.

I remember him from my M&F subscription days. 45 is very young these days. I’m not far from that myself.



I remember him from the early 90’s. They did an article on him in Flex (in think?) he was training arms in all the promo shots. I can still see the photos… It’s mad how time passes and you still remember the oddest things? They mentioned he played or coached tennis before hitting the iron. They had him as an up and coming talent, someone to watch out for. Very sad!