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RIP Farrah Fawcett


She died today from cancer... an original T-Vixen from way back.



Damn Max, you're on the ball with the dying legends. She was quite sexy in her day.


That poster of hers back in the day is why my right arm is bigger than the left...those nipples of hers were as long as yer baby finger.


[quote]MaximusB wrote:
...an original T-Vixen from way back.


Really, does every former attractive woman need to be labeled a T-Vixen? What was her 1RM deadlift?

The label has lost all meaning.


This is bad. This is very bad. Soon, there won't be any of those iconic figures left and all we will have is Zac Efron and Lindsey Lohan.


I had the news on and it was some Special Report. I grew up watching Charlie's Angels. Bosley was the man.


Because there was significant women's bodybuilding in the 70's? Several fitness shows, huh?

She kept herself in shape far beyond what most women were doing back then so yes, she deserves the damn title.

Do you even know who she is?


Dude with all due respect, she had cancer and went through a shit storm of therapy. Personally, I thought she was pretty even at an older age, and she fought this out in the open, which takes even more courage especially with her being in the media so much. I find that more impressive than a 1RM deadlift number.


That women lifted more than us all...believe me.


She was a hottie.


and that annoying ugly bitch Miley Cyrus, who everybody here has a hard on for.


I did not know anal cancer existed until today.




Indeed sad. For us children of the seventies Ed Mcmahan and Farrah are icons of this era. RIP to both of them.



it comes in 3. Who is next???????????


While I'm hoping it's not Eastwood for I might actually cry. Ah, he's a tough old bastard so I don't think it'd be him.



Patrick Swayze, maybe?

Farrah was definitely sexy, but I always liked Jacklyn Smith better.


Forgot about Patrick, yeah doesn't look good for him.

And, hell yeah, on Jacklyn Smith she was my favorite as well. Brunettes for the win! Except Cheryl Ladd was pretty damn hot to.



I think Farrah was responsible for my first wankfest. Now that I think about it, she may be solely responsible for any forearm development as a kid.