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RIP Diego Maradona

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I don’t even follow soccer, errr football, but that “Hand of God” thing is clearly one of the great sport stories of the ages.

The sheer audacity.

He was by all accounts a horrible person - one the biggest cokeheads ever, in cahoots with the Camorra, a self-styled revolutionary in later years. But he was a fucking genius on the pitch. He was the greatest ever.

That’s why he was so compelling and adored - an otherworldly once-in-history talent was bestowed on a person with a mentality of a petty thief, reminding everyone that heroes are above all human.

I’ve had the pleasure to see watch him live. When the short, overweight figure of the pitch had the ball, the entire stadium knew they were seeing something special.


He was the GOAT, no doubt about it. I know the Brits are still salty about him, but
Argentina was going to win that cup, hand or no hand. Fuck, even the the setup run for the Hand of God was genius.

And then yeah, the goal of the century thing.

To those who don’t know, this video gives you an idea of how good he was.

Great songs, too.

I didn’t include Life is Life, but I think Opus should have payed him royalties.

Also an alcoholic, womaniser, friendly with Fidel Castro, tax evader… What a character!

Fat Maradona was the best Maradona!