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RIP Dick Winters - A True American Hero


Almost 93 - what a life he had.


He was the rare true hero and a good man.


Hell yeah! He and his company were the original Inglorious Basterds!

RIP, Dick.


RIP Sir.


Fucking sucks, RIP.


Did you read the part about when he parachuted in behind enemy lines and all his company lost there "leg Bag". Which held all their guns? Those crazy fuckers just had knifes. Original fucking T-Men right there. God bless them all.


and still they killed a bunch of Nazis!


and they didnt get the medal of honor. Thats fucked up. How many people today could handle a situation like that?


Did you ever see the mini-series Band of Brothers DJ? All that is depicted in the second episode and it's amazing. The whole series is incredible. I have the box set - if you haven't ever seen it I would highly suggest watching it. It's probably the best thing ever produced on the war after the allies landed on D-Day....


^ No I never did see it, was during the time in my life I was working a lot. How long is it? I have a blockbuster account so now that football is about to be over can be something I rent.


Major Winters is a fellow Officer Candidate School (OCS) grad. He is in the OCS Hall of Fame.

His good friend CPT Lewis Nixon was an OCS grad as well.


About 13 hours - I think there are 13 episodes, and they are a full hour each - it was an HBO series so no commercials. Get it and watch it - seriously, it's so fucking good. Just set aside some time because you'll be sucked right in and want to watch them all.


^ Okay got it checked at Blockbuster 6 discs. I love this time period of war movies, I just had no time during the early 2000s to watch TV. Was working 2 ER's and going to Grad school. thanks Sky. Happy New Year sir. Playing any good games? Have to bump the Geek thread.


Jesus, this might be the best mini series ever. Enjoy.


Yea on Blockbuster a lot of the reviews were saying that. Just one of those things, thank the Lord for the ability to rent it now.


You'll love it. Happy new year to you as well.

Actually, I got Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Black Ops and Fable 3 for Xmas and I've been working my way thru those. : )


Those are the two of the three I have been working on, I have Fallout Vegas instead of Fable.


Incredible series, one of my all-time favorites. SkyNett, did you catch "The Pacific" last winter? Just as good as BoB. Really, really well done. If you haven't seen it, get the DVD set.

RIP Maj. Winters.


Ronald Fucking Spears. 'Nuff said


Best mini-series ever about some of the greatest men to ever live. They truly were The Greatest Generation. RIP, Sir.