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RIP Clarence Clemons (AKA BIG MAN)




Scared me for a second I thought it would be Clarence Bass!


Legend! RIP


I think he figured out immortality. If he dies, he'll just respawn in 10.. 9.. 8.. 7..


I'm crushed by this.

I love the E Street Band, and he had such passion in the saxophone... I've seen them three or four times, and I've never seen a single man who could light up a crowd like he did when he would start wailing on that thing.

I met him once a couple years ago too, nice guy. Fucking huge.

RIP Big Man. New Jersey loves you.



Back in the mid-80's, when he went on hiatus from the E-Street Band, Clemons fronted his own "Clarence Clemons Band" for a brief period. One of the local radio stations was giving away tickets to the Nth caller for his show at the Chestnut Cabaret in Philly. I called and won. My wife and I went and it was great! The club was not even half full, but the music and festive nature of the show made it memorable.

At the conclusion of the show, the Big Man thanked the crowd for coming out - especially on a weeknight. I thought that was a nice gesture, but just being there seeing a legend so close-up was our pleasure, and the thanks belonged to him.


RIP, big man......


bye, clarence. rip


They were my favorite growing up . I've seen them about 12-15 times over thirty years . For me it's more of the sadness you feel as you age when good friends pass . I'll miss him.


Man I got to see them perform a few years ago and it was the best concert ever.
I got to see Clarence and Bruce after the show and he was by far the coolest guy
I've ever met.