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RIP Chris Hickson

I might be dating myself a bit, but for those that remember him Chris Hickson passed away a week ago at 29 years old. For those who don’t remember he was one of the original powerlifters on youtube. Was a crazy deadlifter (pulled 800+ at 20 years old). Trained with Pete Rubish and the Lilliebridges. And even used to post here as hulk963. He went to prison some years back on drug charges. Got out a while back and was said to be lifting again.

I used to watch him lift to get amped up for deadlift sessions. Way too young.


Jesus Christ that’s nuts. What a wild story. Goddamn.

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Lilfatboy on Bodybuilding forums.

He had some pretty good deadlifting tips and always responded to questions.

Wow. 29 is way too young. Any word on cause of death?

I remember him. Was also a good athlete and had some nice dunks posted if I remember correctly. Any word on cause of death? Hope his family is doing as well as possible.

My gut says heart attack, stroke or arrhythmia.

Couldn’t figure out how to link to his profile, but here’s his last post on this site:

Strong kid! Sucks any way you slice it.

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Him, Rubbish and Leeman were all part of that generation of crazy strong deadlifters that established an internet presence in the early days of such things, and all 3 have had such a wild ride. Gotta wonder if there’s some sort of chicken and egg thing. Did internet fame create some sort of hubris, or does it take a wild individual to be so strong so young?

Either way, just nuts.


It was definitely part of the culture and attitude of PL at the time, to stop at absolutely nothing to be as strong as humanly possible.

Ii might still be. I dunno. I haven’t paid much attention to it in quite a while.


Nope- the culture is all about clout.

The attitude is “i’m better than you if the formula says so but only if you compete how I want you to compete”

There’s a lot of good in this sport but there’s a lot of Tom Foolery.


Damn that sucks. I remember old videos of him deadlifting. He never had a shortage of balls when it came to attempting a weight.

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On YouTube people mentioned it was due to a blood infection. Sad he passed away at a young age.