RIP Chris Cornell

My favourite vocalist of all time. Damn shame.

For those of you unfamiliar, check out these vocal gymnastics

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Just heard,… damn. His work with sound garden is always gonna take me back to my college days.


I bought a copy of Superunknown when I was 12 and I still listen to it to this day


I remember my one brother coming home on leave and running into the house saying “You gotta hear this! Turn it way up!”. It was Badmotorfinger, cranked up to rattling the doorjambs. Still get goosebumps from the intro of “Searching with my good eye closed”.

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I’m settled right between you guys, found Soundgarden when I was in high school. Cornell is definitely one of the greats.

Just heard a report that he was found “with a band around his neck”, so they’re looking into suicide.

jesus I hope it doesn’t turn out to be a Michael Hutchence-esque asphyxiwank disaster…


Won’t forget this man. Hard to take.

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One of his later songs that I loved.

Ruled a suicide…wish he would have listened to his own lyrics a little more. Drug and alcohol abuse surely played a role.

His music will live on…played it all day. Nothing but good memories as we all know how much music influences our lives.


Am I the only one who didn’t know who this guy was until today?

Man, the last chorus in this song really shows why this dude was regarded as one of the finest vocalists of all time. Just astounding


“So what you wanted to see good, has made you blind,
And what you wanted to be yours, has made it mine,
So don’t you lock up something that you wanted to see fly
Hands are for shaking,
No, not tying”

Always liked the delivery of that.


I’d like to say that’s hard to believe, especially if you’re from Washington. Unless you’re under, like, 25.

The family’s saying it may be related to his prescribed Ativan, which he may or may not have taken too much of.

Been a Soundgarden fan since Louder Than Love in '89. Saw them live in '90, and have played their records almost daily ever since. It’s the best music to train to, especially Badmotorfinger.

When I heard the bad news, I felt like I lost a brother. RIP, Chris! Say hello to Curt, Layne, and Andy up there!


One of my favorite songs

I instantly thought of you when I saw this thread.

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