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RIP Chester Bennington

Summer Sanitarium with Metallica headlining was the first concert I ever saw back when I was in highschool. When I heard Linkin Park live I was shocked at how talented of a singer this man was…absolutely stole the show in terms of stage presence and with his voice.


I was never a big fan of Linkin Park’s stuff but they were outstanding live performers.

Just saw this on social media… I remember they were first hitting big the summer I saw them at Ozzfest (maybe '98 or so?) after moving back to NY.

Haven’t kept up with the latest releases but still fondly recall those first two CDs… horrible way to go.


Got in my car this morning to go to work, Linkin Park ‘in the End’ was playing on my cd. Changed it over to radio and the announcement was being made. Pretty chilling.

“I tried so hard, and got so far,
but in the end, it doesn’t even matter”

Meteora was the first CD that I bought with my own money, on my own. Loved their early stuff and they are who really got me into hard rock. Still have the CD, know the track list by heart, could pick the cover out anywhere, just one of those things. You always remember your first, ha.

I remember in middle school, my resource teacher, who was interning (college student), would play Hybrid Theory and Meteora as we studied. Obviously one of the reasons I got into the band as a youngster.

Music is still supppppper nostalgic for me after all these years. This sucks, big loss.

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These celebrities killing themselves over 40 sits really uneasy with me to be honest.

Looked over his social media -left behind 6 kids!, seemingly happy marriage to total cutie and millionaire many times over ( and yeah, I saw he had addiction and abuse in his past)

Anyway, condolences to his family and devoted fans