RIP Carl Weathers: Dead at 76

This is a crushing blow for all of us meatheads. Carl Weathers inevitably inspired all of us in some way to transform ourselves.

We lost a good one today


And he could do comedy as well.

One of the things I liked about Rocky 2 was that he played Apollo in a way that you didn’t see him as a villain.

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Man, I remember watching rocky for the first time as a teenager and when I saw Apollo’s physique and movement I was awestruck.

I think that’s the first movie physique I remember wanting to look like. Just an absolutely explosive, lean, dangerous unit


This is tragic indeed. “Predator” will always be one of my most influential movies. Me having my lifting belt engraved with “Ged to da choppa” is as much a homage to Arnie - as to Carl Weathers. (It’s also a mental note to not take the lifting too seriously. It has to be fun and somewhat rewarding).

RIP. Absolute great one. I remember seeing him in the first couple movies, and was like “of course Rocky can’t win;” he was a stud.

He held the stage as an actor, too; making even yelling at a guy at mini golf onscreen memorable.

He also played a season or two with the Raiders and then I think some CFL - a true athlete and physical presence.

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Hats off to you Carl Weathers!


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