RIP Bostin Loyd

FYI to all those that remember him when he was more active and notorious. He had been in kidney failure due to some crap he’d done, but thought he’d been recovering. Not sure it’s a surprise, but it’s sad to see none the less. 29 years old with a family.

Damn, stage 5 kidney failure in 20s!

I remember him recommending DNP to kick off a ‘hard cut’ and shaking my head

Condolences to wife and young kid


I don’t think anyone is surprised. He is the blueprint on how to kill yourself from steroid abuse(“on steroids”). I am surprised that he lasted as long as he did.


I am not into bodybuilding but i was following him for years because i liked his honesty.
Since i have also abused shit a lot i was signed up for liver and kidney usg and he posted about his kidney problem right before i had my appointment. I already shit my pants when i went in for the usg.
Thank god all my organs have no sign of any damage. Sucks for Bostin tho. No one should die because they just do what they love.

It’s more like one will die from what he loves if it’s deadly and dangerous.

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I know. Its just that he didnt hurt anyone so it sucks.

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I’m pretty sure his wife and kid have been hurt by this incessant urge to his pump his body full of harsh chemicals in order to achieve a ‘look’

Was he still juicing up after his kidney condition came to light?

Did he refuse dialysis?

It’s crazy behaviour which lead to this and I know this is an over simplification however something just doesn’t sit right with me about the whole thing, going by the scant details I’ve read.


we can say this about anything… when you oversimplicate an activity, absolutely any activity that can cause harm or death sounds idiotic.

Call me old fashioned mate however it’s a father’s job to ensure he’s on this earth for as long as possible to be there for his children

Juicing up to the point where your kidneys completely fail is not really conducive to that strategy

Btw I’m probably coming off harsh and unsympathetic here which is not the case. There’s a family out there right now who are hurting hard and it’s a damn shame


I understand your point its just that in my opinion doing bodybuilding steroids is not a crime. Its harmless(to others) hobby and it sucks that it fucks up health sometimes.
We have to keep in mind tho, that bodybuilders on average do not die much younger that other people, and i like how Tony Huge said it - just because someone drove off a cliff it doesnt mean we all should avoid cars.

Thats the sad part about all this. Most people do it and live normal lives. Its these rare cases when genetics fuck you in the ass that are just sad.
No matter how crazy he was, he never hurt anyone and he was a good person, and it just sucks when people die because they love to do something that is a completely neutral thing.


I agree with your first point. If someone wants to juice up then have at it. Fill your boots.

I couldn’t give 2 shits however when you’re injecting freaky shit like this guy was, to the point where your organs are actually failing, whilst your supposed to be leading a family then your priorities need to be re-assessed .

It all seems so pointless to me however that’s just my opinion.


From the interview I remember listening to with him, he went into kidney failure when he was using some experimental sarm . He lacked dosing information so he was just using like half a bottle. And it was like 30 or 40 times the correct dosage.

I agree with you that family is first and fatherhood means responsibility, but I do not agree with this at all.

A father’s (hell, a man’s) responsibility is to provide. Provide what, exactly, can be a little nuanced; I’d argue it’s somewhere between a better world and a better opportunity.

Staying alive as long as possible may be one appropriate tactic, dependent on the situation, but it’s not universal.

Had I died in Afghanistan when my son was one, I do not believe I would have failed my responsibility. At that time, that was how I was able to put food on the table and to do my best to bring other fathers home - better world.

Now my life is easy and we’re very comfortable. Taking care of myself and staying alive is a very appropriate goal, but I still don’t think it’s enough: the kids also have to be raised, they need values, and they need enough challenge to have their own hunger. If I just live and pay their bills, I’m still failing.

I don’t think your point was to ignore any of this, so I’m definitely not attacking you at all (I know you’re a family man above all else); I just felt the statement was too simplistic.


Yeah it was simplistic however laying your life on the line for your country is a noble cause

Injecting weird, organ frying peptides just so you can look a certain way is dysfunctional.

I get your point however. It is nuanced and I said a couple of posts ago that I was over simplifying.

I was actually going to write provide but then I realised that you kick the wee fuxkers out the house when they hit 18 and let them fend for themselves


But you provided them a world, you’ll keep providing them guidance and somewhere to go, and you’ll provide their children a complete family.

I know where you were going; just needed to drop my $0.02.

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Its not

What comes up must come down

The dude was blasting what… five grams a week + gh + slin + stims for months on end…

And he died young… shocker

Thoughts and prayers for his family… but he wasn’t the sharpest tool in the tool shed.

He was using adipotide

Bodybuilders perhaps not

Current era IFBB level bodybuilders are dying younger…

If you mix them in with BB from tbe 60s 70s and 80s the difference is marginal because you have a larger sample size of which many emmanate from an era wherein people used less.

Boston Lloyd used higher dosages than you… much higher… for years on end… and he didn’t have good genetics like you appear to have… and he did very little to take care of himself.

As was I

Living til 29 with a lifestyle like that must put him in the genetic hall of fame for “how much abuse can I take”

Still not @hankthetank89 tier genetics… this dude has his bloodwork only minimally impacted from tren.


The peptide for which he blames his kidney failure is called FTPP (adipotide), it’s an experimental weight loss treatment that kills fat cells by targeting the blood supply of those cells. As far as I know there have been no human studies so far (animal studies only). Bostin was injecting into his lower back fat close to where his kidneys were, he was also using an entire bottle a day, as there are no dosing protocols for humans.
Unknown as to whether this actually caused his kidneys to fail, but I guess the takeaway from this is to avoid substances that are untested in human trials.