RIP - Bob Woolmer

Maybe I am being over sensitive about the issue but assessing the state of current events I have lost all interest in the cricket world cup. Bob Woolmer was a great coach and well respected man in the cricket community, if his death (murder) was related to the alleged match fixing or not the world cup fever just died off after his passing.

I’m sure most cricket fans in South Africa feel the same way however a can’t speak on behalf of everyone. Bob played a big role in the development of many South African cricket stars and will be sadly missed. Considering all the nonsense that has been uncovered over the past few years I doubt cricket will be the same, well for me at least.

---- REST IN PEACE -----

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Absolutely, I am still in a state of shock… go on to my ICC Cricket World cup thread… just a few spots below this one and read a bit more about the incident.