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RIP Bob Kennedy (MuscleMag)


[i]"News from Robert Kennedy Publishing:

It is with great sadness that we, the staff of Robert Kennedy Publications, announce the passing of Robert Kennedy, our company's founder and inspirational leader. Bob passed away on April 13, at home after losing his heroic battle with cancer. He was 73 years old. Bob was surrounded by family and friends. He is survived by his beloved wife, Tosca Reno and his four daughters, Chelsea Kennedy, 19, Rachel Corradetti, 27, Kiersten Corradetti, 24 and Kelsey-Lynn Corradetti, 20. Bob's only son, Braden Robert James Kennedy passed away last March, at the tender age of 23.

Bob's life work, dedication and impact on bodybuilding, health and fitness has been a source of inspiration to tens of millions of people and his legacy as a pioneer in this field will continue."[/i]

This is very sad news to me. Bob was by far my best client, and a true English gentleman. I had the privilege of working with Bob starting back in 2002 after I sent a pack of my art samples to him for consideration in his magazine. I never really expected a response, but 3 days later Bob called me on the phone personally, and there began a 10 year working relationship that not only gave me great pleasure drawing bodybuilding art for MuscleMag, but also finely tuned my skills as an illustrator because of the expected quality of the publication.

I'll miss you Bob.



He brings back memories of reading his magazine in the late 80s early 90s. Good times. I'd usually flip through his magazine (or another) then head out to the gym on a Saturday afternoon.


Awww shit! :frowning:

Poor Tosca :frowning:

RIP Bob.


Same here, Nards.

BK actually seemed like a decent guy. Kind of the the opposite of Joe Weider, imo.


Oh no, I did not realize he was that sick. I fucking hate cancer. He never put anyone down in his magazine, always a positive feel throughout his magazine and books. Like ID said, a gentleman. I hope they keep that legacy alive.


I hope so too, Marqaos. And like IH said, he was unlike Joe Wieder who placed heavy conditions on his group of athletes, as well as other questionable practices.

And I know you hate cancer (recalling your own battle with the motherfucker). I hate it as well having almost lost a brother to it, and watching my wife's parents die a miserable death from it.



Used to read Muscle Mag back in the early-mid 90's before I started reading Muscle Media 2000.

Kennedy was a visionary for sure.



Man...I always liked the feel of muscle mag compared to other magazines. RIP BOB...he was always so positive


I haven't read MuscleMag in a long time, but I remember the cool one or two page "hand-drawn"-looking exercise descriptions in each issue. And Bodybuilding Basics was one of the first training books I ever bought.

There was actually a MuscleMag International store in my town for a few years in the late '90s or so. Ha, I actually applied to work there but they turned me down, most likely because I was about 30 pounds lighter then (long story).

All the best to his family. I read that his 23 year old son passed away last year as well.


I had the chance to chat with Bob for a while at his old MuscleMag store in Westbury Long Island (same one Chris?) when I was first seriously getting into my own training, and he was just a really friendly, and decent guy. No attitude at all like you might expect from the 'businessman' behind the giant publishing empire.

Shame to lose someone who not only left his lasting mark on our sport, but at the end of the day was a genuine fan of bodybuilding.



Yep, that's the one. Never met the guy though. I was so bummed when the store closed.

I used to go there all the time to get books, dvds, and even some weight plates and gear. (No, wait, not "gear-gear". Wrist straps, clips, and stuff.)


RIP robert kennedy your magazine and books were an inspiration.



Thanks for that ID. Great look at the man. Always loved the way the way he conducted himself. Such a sweet person. Beautiful family too. They must really miss him.