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RIP Arturo Gatti


Great Fighter. Saw him fight once in person, vs Joey Gamache at the Garden. He dropped him 3 times in the 1st round and put him thorugh the ropes in the 2nd. Gamache retired the next day. One of my favorite boxers.


Wow, that's really terrible. I met him a number of times and talked with him a lot. He had a house he was remodeling near the Home Depot I was working in. Really nice guy. Sad to hear about that.


I am not kidding when I say this devastates me. This guy was one of my absolute favorite fighters...

You were a true warrior Arturo, a real life Rocky who inspired everyone. I'll never forget the battles he fought... New Jersey will always have him in our hearts.

Man did this ruin my day.

RIP Arturo


I just heard about this, I can't believe it! He is one of my all time favorite fighters. If it was a Gatti fight, then you knew it was going a good fight. He was the real life Rocky, he didn't give up unless he was stopped or the final round was over. His fights with Mickey Ward are legendary and represented what boxing is all about.

Some of these guys when they get a bloody nose, or a little cut they want to quit or they can't take it. Not Arturo, both eyes would be shut, face purple and blue, lips busted open, and it didn't stop him from going in and making sure he didn't go down without a fight. This man was a true warrior in body and in spirit, a very rare thing to see in any fighter in modern times. The boxing world has lost one it's greatest and he will be missed. RIP Arturo Gatti.


This is fucking weird.. I picked mike tyson next in the dead pool.... I was close.


Interestingly enough Gatti was supposed to testify this week in court for the lawsuit that Gamache has against the NYSAC over that fight.


Yea...where there's smoke there's fire.

Another great story for boxing to come out, I'm sure, ensuring it's reputation as the most corrupt sport...


WOW, my family is in complete shock over this! While in training for many of his fights Arturo & his trainer Teddy lived accross the street from us in Vero Bch, Fl. Awesome guys, we would go over to where they trained and what a sight that was to see! Such a nice guy and cannot believe this, just terrible. Looks like his wife ( they've had their probs ) is the #1 suspect so far. Crazy....and I'm been dating a brazilian for 2 yrs now and was married to a south american before her, Bogota, Columbia hotty....and from what I've been around and seen is they have the most God aweful tempers. This must be a sign from above for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here's a fav pic of mine. Left to right, manager, forget his name, my dad, Arturo and myself. Around 2003 I believe.

Sad sad news. RIP Arturo, you are a champions champion and will be missed.


One of my heroes. Just a wonderful fighter. Everyone talks about his heart...so I'll mention this:

I, along with everyone else who had any knowledge of boxing, thought his career was for sure over before he got with Buddy McGirt. Gatti was a great fighter before, for sure, but he was a brawler only. He won many fights because he got cut, got mad, and outlasted his opponent. Hardly a recipe for a long career.

But after losing a couple in a row, he got with McGirt and changed his style. He used technique, speed, and (most of the time) good boxing ability to win several more big fights and prolong his career. It isn't easy to be really successful and then have someone tell you that you need to change. I've always respected him for that. I hope Wanderlei Silva has a similiar career resurrection.

Much respect to Gatti, RIP.


One of my heroes as well...don't really know what to say. This really makes me sad.



Looks like the wife did it....with her purse... WTF?


Just heard she's in jail now. This has WTF written all over it.

They had seperated, gotten back and this was their second honeymoon.


AGREED,Probably buddy Mcgirts finest achievement as a trainer.


Don't understand how she was strong enough to kill Gatti in the way their implying.


He was very drunk from a party according to accounts, and had the back of his head caved in with a blunt object. I think the only reasonable conclusion is that after he was knocked out, whoever did it then choked him to either kill him or ensure that he was dead.

Something about this entire situation is very, very fishy.


Celebrities die in threes, everybody knows about that. So now it's going to be ironman sports stars killed by their wife/GF? Cal Ripkin Jr. watch out!


Alexis Arguello, dead, by a self inflicted gun shot to the chest.

Now, Gatti.

Tremendous losses for boxing.


His fist and forearm looks insane next to yours.


The next guy to die isssss Dayrl Strawberry.


RIP Arguello

RIP Gatti