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RIP Andy Haman (age 55)

Just saw the news. Andy was an interesting character from the bits of him I’ve seen. I imagine this is his most famous/infamous video


I remember that video. I remember being amused by the “bench” but admiring how much he clearly was involved with his family. My heart goes out to his son especially - he’d probably be about as old as I was when I lost my dad.


Full concur. Dude seemed involved and like a good dad.


What I wouldn’t give to have memories of flipping tires with my jacked dad. Never even got to play a game of catch with him, haha.

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Figured someone would post this,… damn shame,… not old at all, and with a family… Brad and I were texting back and forth yesterday when the news broke, and I’m sure anyone with at least one eye on the sport, is thinking back to Romano’s now famous quote from years back “show me the bodies” :frowning:


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Impressive guy. It’s hard for me to think about children losing their father.

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x2 shame
&x2 as you probably implying …was carrying “a lot” of mass well into 50s

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That’s the first thing that came to my mind, when you gave me the news.

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Fucking depressing.

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“Don’t worry about mom and the girls I’ll take care of them, just the way you did and taught me.”

From his son’s IG. That’s rough. And his son just got married a little over a year ago. This dude would’ve been an awesome grampa.

Really seemed like a good guy having a fun time and enjoying what he did for a living. Looks like he also traveled a bunch to make superhero hospital appearances for kids.