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RIP American Legend Joe Lewis

PASSED this morning…

Before there was Anderson Silva,Jon Jones,GSP…etc…WAY before the UFC,he was the guy that I envisioned as a complete martial artist. He wasn’t just a karate guy. He was a Martial Artist…well-versed in numerous combat sports/disciplines. He went toe-to-toe with Chuck Norris often…so that qualifies as some Obi-Wan Kenobi ascension-to-spirit form shit. Rest in peace to a legend…a MMA pioneer,imo.

True legend. RIP Joe.

I know Sento is going to be crushed by this, I hope he’s doing alright as well.

Thanks Irish. And thanks for posting this Boss, it’s pretty rough around here today. Lots of people who called him a friend, mentor, teacher, inspiration, and hero are very sad today.

We’ll miss you Joe.


I am very sorry for your loss.

I can only say that there will come a time when the pain is less, and those that knew him will remember the good times far more than the current sorrow. Until then, there is no shame in grieving when someone great leaves us.


Robert A

Agreed. A True Legend. One of those rare individuals who could change your life with a sincere smile and a handshake. R.I.P. Joe and Godspeed to his family and friends.


i like lewis and remeber the “superfights” back and the late 80’s when he fought bill"superfoot"wallace and other fights.bunches of good stuff. shame RIP Joe Lewis…