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RIP 2Pac


15 years ago today.


You forgot to add "inb4 he isn't actually dead"


I really enjoyed his music, unfortunately I've played out everything he and Biggie made during their careers.


His verse on California Love is the tightest piece of poetry ever set to music.




You're sadly missed bro.



Here was a kid, truly talented and obviously introspective and thoughtful, who adopted a lifestyle that got him killed. Some would call that posing, fake. "Studio gangster". Rather than risk those labels, he dove into that world head first. He wasn't raised a hoodlum and didn't live that life growing up. He chose it as a fucking adult out of ignorance and to exploit the marketplace. He's no fucking martyr. His choice mocks those that have to live it, without choice, as reality.

I'll reserve my RIP for those kids that didn't have a choice, and met their untimely demise. He was a talented rapper and writer, but he traded his life for an image that he did not own.


This. Right here.


I don't think you've got any right to tell anybody what "image" they own or don't own, especially when you come from a family of black panthers.

The guy was a poet, pure and simple. I don't give a shit if he wasn't 'street' enough for you... cause you know, I always forget how real you are.


Seriously. Normal people "reserve their RIP" for anyone who was a good person.


This right here is what people forget. And people don't think he was 'street'? Get the fuck outta here, he didn't grow up in comfort, and he wrote about what he saw firsthand.



Dude, tone it down. If you forget how real I am, you can see me. We're less than an hour...

That said, he wasn't raised a hoodlum. Motherfucker went to private school and lead a mostly privilege life. He dove head first into that gang world (he wasn't born into it, and not raised around it) and he paid the price for it.

Yes, he was a poet, and that has not been disputed. I think I acknowledged his talent.

And it wasn't a matter if he "was street enough". The point was he made a choice that was not required by his circumstances. He "adopted" the streets. And the streets took his life. He played gangbanger, and got banged.


Yeah, he was real hood.

He attended the Baltimore School of Arts. Later enrolled at Harlems 127th St Ensemble. He acted in school plays and counts among his childhood friends jada pinkett. all the gang bangers i know went to the school of the arts.

fact is, he associated himself into the bloods thru suge, and he paid for it with his life. no damn adult, making bank, has any reason to associate into or affiliate with a gang in adulthood. he did it for "image". and it cost him. a waste.

dude was dancing happily in the background of digital underground videos. and then he's a gangster. please.

great artist. granted.


RIP PAC "Makavelli"
I was an still am a Biggie fan over PAC but the kid was gifted. I remember thinking when does he have time to write with getting shot all the damn time. He went the way of many gifted Rock Stars. Played the roll to fast to hard and got burned.



Damn it's been 15 years??

Also four60?! Where have you been dude!?


Retired from military 20+ years. So not on computer as much since the last five years was a desk job. Travel, visiting family, seeing how many months will it take to grow a beard..etc.


That sounds great, there's a moustache thread somewhere, gregron usually contributes haha.

Good to see you around.


Grow a mustche...we are starting a new movement on the interwebz!



2 Pac? You talking about my stomach FI? It's on now...