Rioheros 11 Vale Tudo

its a free vale tudo pay per view starting 8PM eastern. Note:vale tudo is NOT MMA. It’s pretty much no holds barred but with an honor code.

Hell yeah

damn that looks frigging awesome!

I’m not trying to sell this, but did anyone actually catch the show?? Good stuff!

Yep. I saw it. I am not a huge fan of Rioheros. I understand what they do, but the show just doesn’t seem very professional to me. I have seen amateur fights with better production values.

That said, the fights are no joke. Personally, I would be very worried about breaking my hands if I fought without wraps at the least.

How much is it a month? I piss away so much time online while I’m at work, I might as well watch some fights while I’m here. I miss Vale Tudo.