Rinsing Syno

threw half a baby food jar full of NaOH SSSol first time- FUCK
decided to throw it out.

next and last 5 carts;
shot only 2.5ml NaOH SSSol, great

dripped in fridge, sea of crystals

rinsing FOAM all night through a see-through curtain
by the last of the gallon it was sparkly

the rinse water no longer smells like m-alc,
but it is very cloudy and has flakes all in it
and esp at the bottom

i have such a small unmeasured amount
cant imagine it to be 7.5g

guess ill buy a second gallon

what is the rinse water supposed to look like?

should i just rinse until CLEAR?

dont mind a lil estro
and i even think m-alc will eventually evaporate
but i REALLY dont wanna shoot NaOH
thats what im afraid is still in there
rinse water looks soapy

tell me im on the right track?
what does your rinse water looks like?

the process of doing this is fairly interesting for guys that are just into that sort of thing. But with test prop being so ridiculously cheap why would someone do this (other than the mentioned reason of curiosity)? no offense intended at all , just always seemed strange to me