Rings for Pull-Ups

So I have what may sound like a stupid question…

I’ve started working pullups and chinups into my routine. I started to develop what I imagine is a mild form of tendonitis in my right elbow, so I discontinued for a bit. I’ve read that using rings may alleviate this, but I’m not sure how to get a set that I can just bring with me to use as I please. My gym (military gym) has a bunch of those cross fit frames that barbells are mounted on… Is there a set that I can simply throw over the top of the frame so I can hammer them out with minimal set-up time?

I guess I’m asking for suggestions on a good set of quality, portable rings… Or how others accomplish what I’m trying to.

Most of the rings which come with straps (you can buy just the rings, just the straps or the rings and straps) also come with latches. These allow you to throw your rings around any rack/pullup bar/beam/etc

Just pay a bit extra and buy a reputable brand so you don’t get shit latches that slip/ warp/break (some come with plastic latches, I’d make sure you get steel but that’s just me, some folks are happy strapping down hundreds of kgs with plastic latches). I’d also recommend wooden rings.

It’s also worthwhile getting straps which are marked so you don’t spend a bunch of time trying to level the rings to the same height. Or if you plan to mostly set them up in the same spot, you could just mark them after you are happy with where you set them for the first time but that always seems to wear off.

I’d also make sure you are fully extending your arms (elbows and shoulders) and the bottom of the movement, without this your elbow woes will just reappear.

Thanks for the response, brother. Any brands you could recommend? I though rogue may be a solid choice, albeit they seem a bit highly priced…

I’ve got a set of the metal rogue rings. They were 80 bucks or so. The quality is great, the finish is grippy enough without being rough and they’re about as durable as you can get. Highly recommend them.

As far as setup, you can throw the straps over whatever. Before I had a semi-permanent place to put them, I used to throw them on a set of open stairs. Lots of options.

Pretty quick setup and tear down too. I don’t have them, but the (expensive) competition straps look like they’d make that even faster. You could probably rig up something like that yourself though. A few webbing knots and a pair of carabiners.

Thanks, guys. You’ve been a big help. I’ll probably get some rogue rings and see how they fair. I’m sure they’ll be more than adequate :slight_smile: