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Ring Work, Caloric Deficit, Physique?


CT -

Sort of a personal plea but may I please get your honest feedback/opinion on this? Essentially, I'm hooked to the stimulus of training and have been doing your high frequency layer system along with copious amounts of ring work afterwards - primarily ring dips, flyes, pullups, face pulls rows, etc. but also throwing in some more CNS demanding movements (lever/planche/iron cross progressions).

I've combined this with a fasting approach (though with periworkout) and largest meal at night, and admitedlly have "abused" caffeine, preworkout products etc.

Frankly, there are some warning signs that I've ignored (decreased sleep quality, dark shades under eyes, mood disturbances) but after training I almost ALWAYS feel better. My presses have been stagnant but snatch grip high pull has continued going up, and honestly at my size/weight I feel like I'm doing "advanced" weight that has god-knows what sort of long term consequences.

But essentially I've gotten very lean, and when sleep/recovery/stress are IN CHECK, it SEEMS all the extra work is really amounting to something. I like my physique, I like the pump during the workout with ring work, and I like the thought of getting "more and more shredded".

But I'm seeing signs as above mentioned, and I don't know long term whether I'm burning muscle or what not.

Sorry to be asking such personal advice but I feel like you (and other forum members) may relate and more importantly, I trust in your in-the-trenches knowledge. I HAVEN'T reached the point of Dr. Dan where I think a few months back on the spill he said he couldn't even lift light weight, and was losing feeling in various muscle groups, but I DO find the pump a lot harder to get (particularly during cluster).

I know I may be "overtraining" but the physique progress has been OK. And it's part of that getting "shredded" mentality. It's not your cup of tea and you've said the layer system wasn't designed for that anyways but I'm asking if you can share your honest impression or stories of folks who have "kept" on this path longer term. Particularly the ring work element, and integrating it with barbell work.

Essentially I'm building towards the gymnast biceps, upper back, and the power look of wide deltoids/traps/upper pecs. While shredding body fat. I'm liking the shoulder->waist and find the ring work HELPFUL in this but I just don't know if I'm steering myself into the ground...

Thanks much


Haha CT gave this the ignore…fair enough! Curious, could anyone link me to vids from indigo boot camp 2? Where they did all the ring work? Was reading this thread and got inspired again…




I do not believe the videos were ever posted.