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Ring Training

so i decided to buy some gym rings for extra conditioning…any ideas for how can i start to master some moves?? dips and pull ups only first??

Revert back to childhood and have fun.

Until I moved into this stupid apartment with metal in my ceiling (grrr) I did a good bit of ring training in my weekly routine.

Getting solid in support position (top of dip with elbows fully extended, forearms supinated and palms forward) is going to be a big first step. Seems simple, but you’ll quickly realize it’s not as easy as it looks.

Pullups and dips are great, but where the rings really shine is in your combination movements like the front and back levers, and (for some people) muscle ups.

I’m not sure where you stand in your current conditioning, but if you already are solid in pullups, you can train your pullups along with front levers and get a little more bang for your buck:

The progression for any of these movements is with legs bent and pulled in to chest 1st, legs bent and back flat, legs extended and spread (straddle), legs together with one straight and one bent, and then legs together with both straight.

There’s numerous movements you can perform on the rings, and really just experimenting and having fun is always a good idea, but hopefully these few give you a place to start and direction to go in.

and are you supposed to be false grip all the time?? because i cant seem to understand this. or are you supposed to change this once you do a muscle up

False grip is the consensus “easiest” way to do a muscle-up on rings. I personally don’t do false grip for anything because I find it uncomfortable and just don’t like it in general. But if I were to use false grip, muscle ups are probably the only of the basic ring exercises I would use it on.