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Ring Training

So i’ve started working on rings for my grappling strength and conditioning. I’ve been doing weighted dips, pull ups, muscle ups, and various lever and l-sit holds. My theory is that constant grip, core tension and general ‘squeeze’ of the arms, back and chest to hold the lever positions will carry over dramatically into any sort of grappling/wrestling or BJJ, for general holding/control positions and of course for squeezing out chokes. I would go as far as to say that the rings could be the ideal training tool for any grappler/BJJer looking to improve their strength.

i plan to record my progress and how it carries over into my game. Was wondering if anyone has done the same or if anyone has any thoughts?


I have the exact same hypothesis and I’ve been working with them for several months now. I seem to have been right. You will shake like a leaf in a tornado on rings and (now) i rarely if ever do that with other instable instruments… That ‘shaking’ has led to a LOT of strength ‘stability’

Xen is right , you are likely to be as well
its quite effective

I played with rings and bars in college-
learned to do giants and some ring stuff
now im old and could not do those but would stil like to play.

My grip has always been pretty good, from judo and wrestling- but it took off with that stuff-
so yes increased strength in forearms, wrists
and most of all hands.

“core” stregnth got quite good as well
I mentioned earlier to xen that my hands got beefed up as a strange bonus to this.
like I had enough room for a 6th finger.


would be interested to hear what kind of a routine you are going for xen? or do you just throw in some dips and levers whenever you have time?

I hung the rings at my MMA gym so that I can train on them before fight training. we train 12-2 and then from 5-9ish.

Doing it just half assed will get you half assed results. When I get the chance I like to prioritize shit for a while. Like right now I’m only “lifting weights” twice a week. But I’m conditioning a shitload and doing a lot of ringwork.

I usually hit some skils on them before hand then work conditioning. I only take one skill a day, or sometimes pair skills (like planche and front lever)

Iron Cross work

various assisted holds

Planche Work

static holds
planche pushups on bosu ball
planche pull (kinda like doing a maltese)

Handstand Pushup

static holds
assisted pushups

Front Lever

static holds
lever rows
victorian pull (like an upside down maltese) on a bosu ball

Other than that, I usually do some conditioning shit and i’ll hit some muscleups as part of my conditioning rounds. Something like this often times.

Round 1 (2, 3)
1 min Sledgehammer
1 min bagwork (jumprope, burpees)
1 min Kettlebell Swings
1 min bagwork (jumprope, burpees)
1 min muscle ups
1 min bagwork (jumprope burpees)

I think I’ll keep this up for another couple weeks before i get burned out on it. Then i’ll start lifting heavy again, break a few plateaus.

[quote]kmcnyc wrote:

I mentioned earlier to xen that my hands got beefed up as a strange bonus to this.
like I had enough room for a 6th finger.


I’m hoping to get this because my hands are tiny as fuck.

My wrists are not so big 7.5 inches maybe a little less- I can palm a basket ball with the right hand.

It certainly helped with grappling wrestling etc… some poor dude is like 6,3 with little hands.