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Ring Pulls/Dips


I think I understand this concept, but does anyone have a decent explanation or, better yet, a video that shows these exercises. I think the ring pulls (rows) are something similar to what i have done using TRX straps in the past, but the dips, I'm not sure.


Yes and no... normally with a TRX the body is about at a 30-45 degrees angle relative to the floor... which makes it very easy. I'm talking about having the body parallel to the floor (which means that the "ropes" of the rings are perpendicular to the body and in line with the shoulder joints and the feet will need to be slightly elevated.

Ring dips are just like regular dips but done on gymnastic rings.



What is the reason behind including the ring dips and rows/pull up in your training? I know at the moment you are focusing your training around the Olympic lifts along with squats, clean deadlifts and push presses. Do the dips and rows provide the hypertrophy stimulus for your upper body that the rest of your training fails to hit as greatly?



As always, thank you CT! It's awesome to see someone willing to share their knowledge at no cost.


In a word, yes :slight_smile:

And I so the dips using a full range of motion (trying to bring the fist to the armpit) which actually improved shoulder mobility wereas almost all other chest work decreases it, which I can't afford if I want to catch my snatches and jerks properly.


So as far as the "layer" approach is concerned, has this concept of 50 ring pulls/dips per day pretty much erased any need for a separate "lats/biceps" day?


curious to know if these are still worth doing if i dont have access to rings and would just do the normal variations with bars, thanks!


It surely would be less effective by a significant margin which might not make it worth the energy investment.


I personally have stopped doing direct biceps work and do not see myself doing that again. I sometimes dead-start barbell row as an assistance exercise. But I will not personally do a full workout of "bodybuilding-type exercises".


Hey coach a little theoretical but what do you make of the idea that training too many different modalities cause "conflicting" signals to body? Like, ring dips/chins + layer system is gold but ring dips/chins + layer system + hill sprints may lead to less body composition gains. Is it a matter of calories, hormonal adapations, "signalling", etc?

I've had time to experiment and have to say the vintage layer system (concentrated 30 min - 1 hr workouts) produced the best mass gains. I've thrown hill sprints, gymanstics, "layer system" etc. on top of that and I think fat loss has improved a bit. Hard to quantify this sort of stuff so just using mirror every week. I wonder if simply eating more could give incremental value (G-flux idea) or if there's something outside just caloric intake (signals that bodyweight or sprinting or oliffting or pump training gives to body that could interfere with development). Many thanks


Put differently, you have finite "resources" to spend at any given moment so it makes sense to get the biggest return on "invested" energy. But over time, your resources expand as skills become easier and you become more proficient right? So we keep pushing the envelope and up calories and over time should lead to better gains?