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Ring Dips or V Dip Stand


@CT as an overall chest and muscle builder have you notice any difference in doing ring dips as opposed to regular dips?


It might be anecdotal but I notice more chest growth from regular dips because more weight can be used creating a greater overload.

It's true that the micro-oscillation of the ring dips also act as a growth stimulus and it certainly has it's place in a training program. But from my experience this seems to affect the triceps and delts more so than the chest.

I like to do 2-3 sets of ring dips before doing the strength work on regular dips.


Yeah I've played around with this and more weight/stability (bar dip) definitely trumps the stability factor. The rings "feel" good and activates me (like CT mentioned doing a few sets before bar dips) but once weight goes up, I tank on some reps due to the instability.

Ben bruno mentioned once you get used to weighted ring dips, your performance closes in on bar dips. Maybe worth playing around with. If after a few weeks my ring dip poundage/peformance is equal to bar dips then I could see ring dips being superior?


rings dips are definitely better for triceps than chest IME. however holding the top of a ring dip for 30 seconds destroys my chest for some reason.

ring push-ups are a great exercise for some quick chest growth (and soreness).


Resurfacing old thread but coach have you experimented with deadstop dips?

My gym has a nice V-bar (thick bar) dip stand and if you set it at the right height (for me around armpit), you can basically do “deadstop reps” from the stand position.

I almost always get pain when doing regular weighted dips but deadsopt lets me kind of “drop through” that pain point. It also allows heavy loading potential (I was busting out reps with 3 45 lbs when normally 2 45 lbs is challenging when doing reps).

You can also get body in perfect position before adjusting (opening chest up, feels almost like a pin press).

Any thoughts?