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Rill86 Training Log


Deadlift Movement Pattern

DLplusC: 330x3, 335x3, 340x3
DL: 285x6, 290x2x5
PSH: 255x6, 265x2x6
TF: 450x3x8
KBSW: 80x3x12

Light sled drag: 360x6


Vertical Pulling Pattern

Weighted Chin: 60x2x3
V-Bar Pulldown: 149x2x8
Kayak Row: 84x2x15
Medicine Ball Slam: 25x2x11

Vertical Pressing Pattern

Overhead Lockout: 195x3x3
Overhead press (lowered pins): 115x3x6
DB Push Press: 60x3x7
Medicine Ball Toss: 30x3x12

Squat Movement Pattern

TopHalfFrontSquat: 325x3, 335x3, 340x3
SquatWithChains: 185x1x6, 185x2x5
BoxSquat: 165x3x8
JumpSquat: 40x3x9
Jump Squat: 3x10

Sled drag: 630x3
superset with
GHR: 3 x 8

Ab giant set x 2


Horizontal Press Movement
SBL: 290x1x3, 295x2x3 (pins slightly higher today)
SBwithC: 160x4x5
SB: 140x3x8, 140x1x7
PlyoP: 4x9
MedBall throw (25 lbs): 4x12


Deadlift Movement Pattern (4 rounds)

DLplusC: 330x3, 335x3, 340x3, 335x2
DL: 290x4x5
PSH: 265x2x6, 275x6, left this out 4th round
TF: 450x4x8
KBSW: 80x4x12

Sled drag: 450x5


Vertical Pressing Pattern

Overhead Lockout: 195x3x4
Overhead press (lowered pins): 115x3x7
DB Push Press: 60x3x8
Medicine Ball Toss: 30x3x12

Vertical Pulling Pattern

Weighted Chin: 60x3x3
V-Bar Pulldown: 149x3x8
Kayak Row: 86.5x3x15
Medicine Ball Slam: 30x3x12

Finished the above workout with two sets of a band front raise/pull apart for high reps…


Squat Movement Pattern

TopHalfFrontSquat: 340x3x3, didn’t do this on the last set
SquatWithChains: 185x3x6, 190x1x4
BoxSquat: 170x4x8
JumpSquat: 40x4x9
Jump Squat: 4x10

Hamstring Curl: 90x4x10

My next five weeks (Oct.1 to Nov 3) will be using Tate’s TUT format. This will be used for muscle conditioning/endurance before going back into a 3-4 month strength phase. I expect that certain muscle groups (chest, delts and triceps) will also experience some growth since these muscles didn’t receive long periods of TUT in my last two phases. I can’t see myself posting these workouts after the first week or so since nothing will change except for the set duration and rest periods.

03/10/2012 (30 seconds TUT)
Inc DB Press: 60
Pec Deck: 100
Seated clean and press: 40
Lateral DB raise: 20
Rope Tri. Ext.: 52.5
Tri. pressdown: 60


leg press: 280
Leg curl: 80
Neutral Lat pulldown: 70
Inc Bench Row: 35
Machine Curl: 90
Kettlebell Hammer Curl: 20

Nov. 14
A1: Military Press: 90x5, 105x5, 120x9
A2: Pullups: 8, 6, 6, 6 (assorted grips)

B1: Reverse Grip bench: 145x3x7
B2: Band Reverse Flies: 3x15

C: DeFranco’s Shoulder Superset x 3

Nov. 13

A: High Pull: 120x5, 140x5, 160x5

B: Deadlift: 235x5, 270x5, 305x10

C1: GHR:3x8
C2: Hanging Leg Raise: 3x9

Nov. 16

A1: Squat: 155x5, 180x5, 205x10
A2: Hamstring Curl: 95x2x10

B: Good morning: 95x5x10

C: Leg Press: 300x3x12

Nov. 17

A1: Bench Press 150x5, 170x5, 195x11
A2: Machine Row 120x3x10

B1: Incline Press 155x3x6
B2: Partial Laterlas 40x3x15

C: High Rep Shrugs 30x40, 20, 20, 20 (100)

Nov. 19

A: High Pull: 135x3, 155x3, 170x3

B: Deadlift: 255x3, 290x3, 325x9

C1: GHR:4x9
C2: Hanging Leg Raise: 4x9

Nov. 21

A1: Military Press: 95x3, 110x3, 125x9
A2: Pullups: 5x6 (assorted grips)

B1: Reverse Grip bench: 145x3x8
B2: Band Reverse Flies: 3x16

C: DeFranco’s Shoulder Superset x 3

I am really enjoying the simplicity of 5/3/1. I love going all out for one set, although I hold back a couple reps on the deadlift and squat. I am using some of the assistance work that he outlined in his article about the yoke, but I have also exchanged some exercises (closegrip bench/RVGB) to suit things I need to work on. Personally I want more overall shoulder development, so I have lowered the neck/trap work and also put in some additional exercises for the rest of the shoulder girdle.

Nov. 23

A1: Squat: 165x3, 190x3, 215x9
A2: Hamstring Curl: 95x3x10

B: Good morning: 100x3x10, 105x2x10

C: Leg Press: 320x1x12, 300x2x13

Nov. 24

A1: Bench Press 160x3, 180x3, 205x10
A2: Machine Row 125x3x9

B1: Incline Press 155x3x7
B2: Band Face Pulls 3x12

C: High Rep Shrugs 30x45, 25, 30 (100)

Nov. 26

A: High Pull: 140x5, 160x3, 180x2

B: Deadlift: 265x5, 305x3, 345x8

C1: GHR:4x10
C2: Hanging Leg Raise: 4x10

Nov. 28

A1: Military Press: 105x5, 120x3, 135x7
A2: Pullups: 4x6, 1x7 (assorted grips)

B1: Reverse Grip bench: 145x8, 155x8, 165x8
B2: Band Reverse Flies: 3x17

C: DeFranco’s Shoulder Superset x 3

Nov. 23

A1: Squat: 175x5, 205x3, 230x10
A2: Hamstring Curl: 110x3x9

B: Good morning: 115x5x10

C: Leg Press: Drop set: 360x8, 280x10, 180x10 (was short on time so just did one intense set)